In a world constantly in flux, we long to retain moments, grasping for the ephemeral to become static and fixed. The desire to return to a highlighted moment, once experienced, then later revisited, creates the illusion that we can somehow control time, the ethereal. A fleeting moment can forever live within oneself. In this futile attempt to capture and hold a past experience, one’s efforts become regurgitated through catalogued methods of guileless documentation: haphazard photographs, scribbles in notebooks, amateur video, selfies, snapshot memories.

Memory is transposed/transformed into a realized, tangible/tactile object. It exists within its own perimeters of time and space, its adjacent environment. This context forces a shift for the object to become new, with a new vernacular, a new identity- extracted from reality and placed into another arena of dimension and representation. There is no clear narrative or sequence of events. As the onset of memory comes to us in fragments and in flickering images triggered by real time, we find ourselves toggling between past and present.